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Frequently Asked Questions

How are DeeperDive Learning courses different from other online courses? 

DeeperDive Learning courses utilize a unique learning platform that engages learners through videos (usually 5 minutes of less), interactive activities, direct application, social interaction, and the development of an online portfolio of evidence. 


Why do DeeperDive Learning courses utilize points, levels, & award badges? 

Learning that is recognized and rewarded is motivating and valued.  It is also fun!  Points track engage level and can be utilized by a variety of purchasing organizations to recognize and reward on a more tangible level if appropriate.  Point reports are easily printed and can be accessed at any time by the learner or administrator.


What can I do with my course portfolio link upon completion?

The link to your digital portfolio may be shared with an administrator, employer, supervisor, or even emailed to yourself.  It is a digital record of every answer and upload you completed as part of your course.  It is proof of your learning and a collection of your products connected with your learning. You can also print a certificate that shows completion of the course by visiting the My DiveLog page from the drop dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the platform, immediately under your name.



Questions about Online Courses:

When will I receive my online course? 

If you received access to your course through your school, university, college, or workplace that institution will provide you with login instructions.  If you purchased a course through the online store you will receive instructions via the email address provided at check out.  Please allow 2-3 business days to receive your instructions.  Contact DeeperDive Learning at with any questions or if you need further assistance.


How do I access the online course? 

You can access your course/s by logging in at


How long do I have access to this online course? 

You will have access to the product for 1 year from the day payment is received.


What are the technical requirements for accessing the online course? 

Internet access is required. High-speed Internet access is best for viewing videos.


What if I have trouble accessing the online course? 

Call 888.611.6641 Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. ET or  email


What are the shipping and handling costs? 

There is no shipping or handling costs associated with online courses.


What if I need to request a refund? 

RETURN POLICY: We are unable to accept returns or cancel previously placed orders.


How can I use an online screen reader with my online course? 

Directions for setting up and using an online screen reading with your online DeeperDive Learning course can be found at:


What is a Mindset Assessment?

Each Mindset Assessment measures your beliefs and practices related to the course content.  DeeperDive Learning believes that real change in behavior is based on greater understanding and application of new learning in small steps.  New learning that adjusts behavior for a lasting impact is often the result of a change in beliefs and applied practices.  As part of every DeeperDive Learning course, you will take a Mindset Assessment at the end of Module 1 and again at the end of the final module.  You should answer honestly and do your best on each assessment.  The scores do not measure your actual learning.  Mastery Activities throughout the learning experience create evidence of your learning mastery.


Is my certificate of course completion available immediately upon course completion and can it be shared or printed?

Your course certificate of completion is available immediately upon course completion.  It can be viewed, shared, and printed from the My DiveLog page. 


What if I complete a course but my certificate isn’t visible?

Go to the My DiveLog page.  Check the course you believe you have completed.  If you do not see the Certificate, then look to see if there is a Submit button at the far-right end of the row.  The Certificate will not appear until the project is submitted.  If neither the Certificate or the Submit button appear this is an indication that either a Mindset Assessment or an activity is incomplete.  If you need further assistance contact us via email at   

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